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Favorite Images from the River

A collection of images by Michael R Hayes

A day on the Chassahowitzka (Chassa-how-itz-ka or Chase-a-whiskey depending on who you ask) means opportunities to see numerous bird species, river otters, manatee, raccoons, alligators, wild hogs, and snakes. All while you float on clear water that pours from artesian spring openings from the Floridan aquifer – surrounded by a forest of palms, moss-lined oak, and cedar.

I’ve never put a collection of images from my time on the Chassahowitzka in one place. I’ll call this volume one. Do me a favor, though. If these images inspire you to visit Chassahowitzka, please try to leave it in better shape than you arrived. If you are interested in conservation efforts for the Chassahowitzka, visit FriendsofChassahowitzka.org

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